Happy New Year! Theatre 167's JACKSON HEIGHTS 3AM

Happy New Year! Farah is rehearsing for Theater 167's JACKSON HEIGHTS 3AM. Shows run from Jan 13 - Feb 5 at Queens Theatre.

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Seven playwrights explored the most culturally diverse neighborhood in the world from 10pm-4am — its brightest lights and loneliest corners — in dance clubs, all-night bakeries, sex shops, laundromats, side streets, and alleyways. They ate arepas prepared by the “sainted arepa lady” and, two blocks away, saw the homeless fed by the local hero a.k.a. “Angel of Queens” under the elevated trains. They interviewed numbers-players, sex trafficking experts, bartenders, cops, and cross dressers.  They were invited to dance, to gamble, and to watch an undercover police operation.  And they were invited to let their imaginations run dark, funny, sexy, and very very late…

Starring Roberto Araujo, Varin Ayala*, Farah Bala*, Cynthia Bastidas, Rajesh Bose*, J. Stephen Brantley*, Arlene Chico-Lugo, Ross DeGraw*, Nick Fehlinger, Marcelino Feliciano, Andrew Guilarte*, Kevin Hoffman, John P. Keller*, Alex Kip*, Ephraim Lopez*, Neal Mayer*, Nina Mehta*, Sergey Nagorny, Flor De Liz Perez*, Indika Senanayake* and Josie Whittlesey*.

Conceived and directed by Ari Laura Kreith

Written by Jenny Lyn Bader, J. Stephen Brantley, Ed Cardona Jr., Les Hunter, Tom Miller, Melisa Tien and Joy Tomasko 

*Member of Actors Equity Association