FARAH BALA • Executive and Life Coach





"I believe in the human capacity to unleash its full potential towards growth and change. My goal is to support and maintain socially conscious, empathic leaders whose businesses and initiatives express their desire to leave behind a better world for future generations."

Effective leadership, whether at work or at home, starts with communication. Farah brings her 15+ years of experience in Theater and Arts Education into her work as an Executive and Life Coach, with a focus on Leadership through Communication.

Farah works with young, socially conscious executives, entrepreneurs, creatives and leaders, to transform their environments of high stress, low productivity and motivation, to one of empowerment, passion and collaboration. Through a robust behavioral transformation at the individual and group-level, businesses are successfully able to sustain growth towards their mission of societal change.

In addition, Farah continues to work as a Coach and Consultant specializing in drama-based training with companies in the UK and US. She has facilitated and led individual and group programs for clients at all tiers of seniority in fortune 500 companies, media and entertainment, financial services and beyond in

  • Communication Skills
  • Public Speaking and Executive Presence
  • Leadership Foundations
  • Feedback Skills Development
  • Diversity & Inclusion Awareness